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The sounds around us have a profound effect

on how we conduct our daily lives.

They influence our concentration, happiness and, most importantly, our health.

An acoustically sound environment can help inspire, engage and calm us. That’s

why at CertainTeed Ceilings, we’re here to help create spaces with superior

Environmental Acoustics

solutions, promoting well-being and productivity in any

setting. Making sound decisions about a space’s acoustics means you can create an

environment where people thrive, achieving their greatest potential.

Inside you will find a comprehensive offering of products — from basic high-performance

panels to premium, beautiful, customizable ceiling systems. You’ll also find that no one

else is better equipped to deliver the acoustics, performance and aesthetics that meet

your project’s unique needs because no one offers the depth and breadth of ceiling

products, knowledge and innovation that CertainTeed Ceilings does.

Various styles and materials can be combined to craft the perfect Environmental

Acoustics and aesthetics for your setting. And our specialization in healthcare, office

spaces and education enables us to knowledgeably assess and meet your specific needs,

along with those of pertinent codes and regulations. You can Be Certain™ that we are the

sound choice for complete acoustical and sustainable solutions.

Gyptone® BIG™ Line 6